Hands of Other Men

Set in the fall of 1882, Hands of Other Men 
takes the reader on a wild ride that is dark, gritty, 
violent, and ultimately moving.

When Jacob Tyler rides into his father’s Wyoming ranch, he’s looking for a quiet place to spend the winter. Soon enough, he’s all too sure things will end in bloodshed. His brother has opened a store to challenge the local monopoly, and the man who runs the town is not about to lose his business to some young upstart.

At the same time, Tyler is recovering from a loss of his own and grappling with the realization that the law, which he has fought so long to uphold, has left him with nothing.

When tensions explode, Tyler takes one final ride to save his family. Along the way, he will fight outlaws, face a gunslinger, and contend with a group of cattle hands out to kill him. But to Tyler, the most frightening things he will face just may be a picnic, a four-year-old girl, and the failed orchard that will show him how our darkest nightmares, and brightest hopes, all come from the same place.



8.5″ x 5.5″ Trade Paperback (978-0-9857717-3-7)

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Author’s Notes: Hands of Other Men

Some authors choose the books they write, and some have their books choose them. So far, I seem to be in the latter camp. The first chapter of Hands of Other Men came along one Sunday afternoon and looked only slightly different from what it does now. When I stopped typing that day, I was shocked to see a “cowboy…

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